Laparoscopic Center

Laparoscopic Center

Best Laparoscopic Hospital in Rajkot

Venus Women's Hospital & IVF Center is the leading centre in the entire Saurashtra-Kutch region for Gynaec laparoscopic surgeries. It is well equipped with advanced technology to make the procedures simple and safe. Even complex surgeries are performed regularly by our expert Team with ease.

Laparoscopy is a type of surgical procedure that allows a gynaecologist to observe a woman's uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other pelvis organs. We can detect ovarian cysts, fibroids, and scar tissue, and diagnose pelvic or abdominal pain, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy or blocked fallopian tubes.

In laparoscopy, a telescope is introduced inside the abdominal cavity through small incisions instruments are introduced through other very small incisions and surgery is performed by viewing inside the monitor. It is also called minimally invasive surgery. Traditional “open abdominal surgery”, which is termed as Laparotomy requires four to six inches incision and much painful and also requires much rest.

The advantages of Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

  • Pain is less as the nerve fibres are not disturbed and the patient's recovery is very fast and requires shorter hospital stay.
  • The patient is out of the bed the very next day and gets back home
  • The chances of urinary incontinence (leakage of urine), Vault prolapsed (hernia of intestine) occurring is less and the depth of the vagina is also maintained
  • Maintaining vaginal depth is very important for normal sexual activities
  • The pelvic floor is not disturbed
  • The patient returns to normal activities within a week and working women can get back to work in 2 weeks time
  • Patient can be discharged on the same day in basic laparoscopic procedures and on next day in complex surgeries also.

Our Experts

Dr.Prakash Parmar is expert in basic and advanced laparoscopic surgeries and one of the renowned laparoscopic surgeon of the entire Saurashtra-Kutch region.He is also performing surgeries at many gynaec Hospitals in Rajkot city.He has also trained many junior gynaec Doctors for the laparoscopy.

We do also have Dr Rukesh Ghodasara in Team Venus who is also expert in all type of gynaec laproscopic surgeries and having wide experience of 17 yrs in the field.

Laparoscopy requires great skill and expertise and Having such a experienced team allows us to achieve excellence in the field of laparoscopy.

Laproscopic Services

  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic Surgeries For Gynaec Cancers
  • Diagnostic Hystero Laparoscopy
  • Laparoscopic PCOD Drilling
  • Removal of fibroids from the uterus
  • Laparoscopic Cystectomy
  • Laparoscopic Ectopic Pregancy Removal
  • Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalisation
  • Laparoscopic Pelvic Floor Repair

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